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  • Researchers develop 3D movie screen that doesn't need glasses


    Researchers develop 3D movie screen that doesn't need glasses

    A team at MIT has created technology that would allow for mass-market 3D consumption without the need for glasses

    A movie screen that can show 3D films without the need for glasses has been developed by researchers at MIT.

    Called Cinema 3D, the technology utilises multiple parallax barriers, rather than just the one used for regular 3D viewing. It allows for different viewers to have the same experience, no matter where they are sitting.

    “Existing approaches to glasses-free 3D require screens whose resolution requirements are so enormous that they are completely impractical,” said MIT professor Wojciech Matusik. “This is the first technical approach that allows for glasses-free 3D on a large scale.”


    The screen isn’t market-ready as yet but it’s a major breakthrough, given that all previous attempts to take glasses out of the equation were limited to TVs. What’s also important is that this new form of viewing will improve the picture quality.

    “It remains to be seen whether the approach is financially feasible enough to scale up to a full-blown theater,” said Matusik. “But we are optimistic that this is an important next step in developing glasses-free 3D for large spaces like movie theaters and auditoriums.”


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  • Is 3D going down?


    Box office profits  for stereoscopic movies in the U.S. and Canada fell 18% in 2017 to $1.3 billion, according to a new report by the Motion Picture Association of America.

    Definitely the wprst showing in eight years, and a steep drop off from the $2.2 billion in revenues generated by 3D films in 2010, the year when “Avatar” generated a substantial amount of its box office grosses and helped kick off a revival of the format.

    The declines accompany a larger drop in the domestic box office. Overall revenues fell roughly 2% in 2017 to $11.1 billion. The foreign box office, however, grew, hitting a record $40.6 billion.

    The popularity of 3D and large screen releases varied by age group. They were most popular with moviegoers between the ages of 12 to 17, with consumers in that demographic seeing an average of 3.8 movies in 3D or large screen formats such as IMAX. Audiences over 60 saw the fewest number of 3D or large format films, averaging 2.8 films.


    These are common statistics. What you don't see in the statistics is many truths that fortunately keep and will keep really good 3D alive and hopefully make it the norm. Or above norm with new technologies like 3D VR etc.


    Many movies that people see in 3D were filmed in 2D and with One camera! Then the lazy companies translate them to look like 3D with cheap software algorithms that of course do not work properly.


    As a result most people do not like 3D but the same people love 3D when the see a really nice made original 3D movie made with 2 or more cameras as it should be.

    So the answer is Yes, Bad 3D that is, lazy companies do produce lame 3D and give the real 3D a really bad name. 3D done properly is AWESOME. 

    Unfortunatelly only James Cameron and 3D Movies.com, Ted Amaradidis and very few others know and produce real 3D movies.


    Get it??

    Ken Wilson



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  • 3D share of the market today.


    Nearly half of all domestic moviegoers who saw “Jurassic World” chose to view the feature in 3D. That means almost 50% of the U.S. box office for that blockbuster was made up of audience members willing to pay a premium for a better experience. Furthermore, 43% of domestic moviegoers bought 3D tickets for “The Jungle Book,” and 46% of the domestic opening weekend box office for “Doctor Strange” came from 3D ticket sales — and the format held strong with nearly 40% of the film’s total domestic gross coming from 3D. These figures are significant. In any other industry, percentages like these for sales of a premium offering would be considered a massive success.

    Our internal research shows roughly 80% of all North American moviegoers are open to a 3D experience. We should lean in and embrace them.

    So, what needs to be done? For starters, 3D cannot be an afterthought. As productions are carefully crafted from beginning to end, 3D needs to be imagined from the start and be a part of the creative process from capture to delivery. 3D films need to be made properly and with purpose, thoughtfully marketed and always presented with technical excellence in theaters.

    We realize that one bad experience in 3D could affect a moviegoer’s preferences for life. This is especially challenging because not all 3D is created equal. As a science and technology company, RealD is constantly researching and developing new technology to make the viewing experience better. This includes the glasses, the screen, the projector and every aspect of presentation. Today’s audience is very savvy and values stellar presentation. We all must sweat the details.

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  • Avatar


    Cameron's 3D smash Avatar grossed $2.8 billion at the global box office in 2009 ( Capital Pictures )

    Congratulations to James Cameron. Looks like he maybe the Only one who really know how to do 3D Stereoscopic Movies!


    A second, third, fourth and fifth film coming to a cinema near you for the better part of the next decade, so they’re going to need to be pretty special.

    Cameron, the Oscar-winning writer and director of Titanic and The Terminator, has insisted that the studio is “very happy” with his films despite originally green-lighting only a single follow-up.

    We are very happy too and are looking forward to his 3D movies.


    Ted Amaradidis


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  • The 10 best 3D movies of 2018






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