Achilles | The Greatest Warrior (Troy)


"This will be the greatest war the world has ever seen. We need the greatest warrior."

Achilles, Son of Peleus.
I had been meaning to make a video on this character for a while. I made a Hector video previously and so this completes the pair! I'm a fan of Ancient History and even chose it as part of my university degree. Achilles is the most complex and interesting character in the Iliad, a poem said to be written by the mysterious figure called Homer.
The Iliad is all about the rage of Achilles after a falling out with Agamemnon and the death of Patroclus in what was the most eventful time of the Trojan War.
A wild, emotional warrior that cannot be slain so easily. Even when he died by Apollo/Paris' arrow, he remained undefeated in hand-to-hand combat. He was so legendary and regarded as the greatest Greek, even the likes of Alexander the Great wanted to be like him, and is said to have kept a copy of the Iliad under his pillow! It is a hard video to make, but I tried to include most about his ambitions and put a particular emphasis on war and the recoils of being a great warrior. Troy (2004) portrays that emotion brilliantly with Brad Pitt and the other leads. Whilst the historical inaccuracies are very evident, this film is still epic and memorable to me. The Iliad truly is an epic story and it's crazy to think that after thousands of years, it's still spoken of and popular to this day.

Yes, Troy was real, the archaeology found in the area is quite authentic and shows great hints of warfare/ destruction by natural disasters around several different phases of the settlement's existence. Therefore, I believe in the conflict, I just don't think events or names occurred as described. I don't trust the literary sources to be true. I prefer to let archaeology testify to the written sources. The Iliad is a poem, rather than a document aiming to record everything accurately, and is written by Homer, who is also a mythical figure as we know little about them. It could be more than one person who wrote the Iliad etc? Even so, they are written hundreds of years later and are not contemporary to the Trojan War's timeline. You have to ask, where did they get their information from, and how reliable is their source of information? Most historians used information passed down by word of mouth through generations of oral poets and so things get increasingly wrong through time and miscommunicated like saying a name incorrectly. Either that or the author is using historical documents that are lost to us present archaeologists/historians now. Whilst some literary sources can be of use, there are just so many factors in judging the reliability of many historical literary sources and how we should use them.

For me personally, the significance of the Iliad and the myths are what they meant to the people that we know did exist because they believed it. Thank you for watching this vid:)

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