Steven Greer on UAPs, CE5, Skinwalker Ranch, and Disinformation

  • Dr. Steven Greer is known for his views / knowledge on the UFO subject. Note: The views / message of the guest aren't those of myself (Curt) or TOE. This applies to every guest, and not just this one.

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    00:00:00 Introduction
    00:00:48 Preamble with Dr. Greer
    00:04:18 [Santiago Fuentes] Workout routine and favorite music
    00:03:30 [Andy McGrillen] Why appear on TOE when you decline so many podcasts?
    00:04:06 Open source free energy and documentary
    00:10:20 Danger with the phenomenon and Curt's views on NDAs / secrecy
    00:18:14 Bob Lazar and popularity to keep yourself safe
    00:19:59 Two governments?
    00:22:21 [Josh] Being offered 2 billion to "shut up"
    00:29:39 [Joe Murgia] Hughes' suicide, Miller, and 1998
    00:39:00 Curt asks for evidence, disinformation, and briefing presidents
    00:44:10 Why release information only to those who pay? (creating an archive)
    00:46:56 How exactly does this "open source" energy work?
    00:50:20 The asserted physics
    00:52:36 Justice
    00:53:15 The asserted physics (continued)
    01:05:34 [Xavier] Working with Galileo project and CE5
    01:17:15 Skin walker
    01:21:21 Evidence for faking the analysis of the Atacama mummy?
    01:32:20 On Tom DeLonge and To The Stars Academy
    01:36:34 CE5 and hoaxing UFOs with flares?
    01:47:51 Opinions on Bob Lazar
    01:50:54 How to identify disinformation?
    01:54:38 Non human entities and technology / black projects
    02:00:19 Cattle mutilations
    02:10:55 The asserted physics (continued)
    02:13:58 Ukrainian UAPs and World War 3
    02:16:04 Disclosure and "the others" controlling it (or CIA / gov't?)
    02:19:37 Non-benevolt entities
    02:24:01 Love, faith, goodness
    02:26:15 Richard Doty
    02:29:40 High up officials claiming to not meet Greer
    02:31:39 Post-show (temporary extra)
    02:36:28 Pre-show (temporary extra)
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