Epic, Candle, Nikon Noct 58mm. F:1.2.
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Epic, Candle, Nikon Noct 58mm. F:1.2.

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This candle is taken by me with the Red Epic cine camera and the Nikon Nikkor 58mm F:1.2 Noctural / Noct lens.


This lens is considered by many pros as one of the best lenses if not the best ever produced.


It's one of few lenses that is hand polished and it is considered a collectible since it was bulit.


I have never seen anything like this lens myself. It sees more than you see in low light with very little or no noise.


I can not wait to test it with the Dragon soon but I'm definitaly blown with the Epic. 


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  • Admin Banned Added I hope to soon have the Dragon, will be even more sensitive to light..

    I ifilmed this with the Red Epics-X and my all time favorite 58mm Nikon Noct lens on it. The Red Epic is considered a good digital film camera. Several movies are made with this camera.

    The Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 is a special lens made for night-time photography. The "special" part comes from an aspherical glass element to combat sagittal coma flare* and spherical aberration which is a common problem with fast normal lenses. The normal way to fight this is to stop down the lens. Since the Noct-Nikkor was corrected for sagittal coma flare and spherical aberration it is possible to shoot with a much wider aperture and hand-held shooting is possible with very little visible distortions to the image corners. The Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 was manufactured in a pretty small quantity, the production started in the late 70's and in total less then 12.000 lenses was made before they discontinued the lens in 1997. The Noct-Nikkors I use are the AI-S version. The AI-S version has 9 aperture blades compared to 7 blades on the AI version.

    * Basically what this is, is a distortion of the outer edges of the image preventing round points of light to be round, instead they look blurred/distorted.


    DOF/IR markings. As usual with older optics Depth Of Field and Infrared markings are provided.
    Sagittal coma flare and spherical aberration correction. Far better then any other normal lens I've seen, although perfect results are only achieved around f/2.8.
    Wide open performance.
    Build quality.

    Price. Selling for a ridiculous second hand price of $5,000.00 + USD, I've seen this lens for sale on ebay for as much as $10,000.00 USD.
    CA visible un till f/2.8. Rather disappointing if you consider the price of the lens

    The Noct-Nikkor definitely has the best sagittal coma control I've seen so far in any "normal" lens I've tested. However perfect results are only achieved @ f/2.8. The same result on f/2.8 can be seen on the Nikkor 50 1.2. Wide open the Noct Nikkor definitely performs better for night time photography, but the price difference is insane. The amount of CA was really disappointing, which is visible until f/2.8 and that's with the Nikon D3. The Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 actually perform better then the Noct-Nikkor does when it comes to CA.
    Sharp pictures can be taken wide open. Focusing correctly is crucial tough.
    On the Nikon D3 the Noct showed increased sharpness all the way to f/16 on close focus. On infinity, increased sharpness could be seen un till f/8, ending up with usable sharpness at f/16. The Noct-Nikkor is a great example that MTF testing can't always be trusted . On an MTF basis this is a really bad lens, however in real photographic conditions this lens is really good.
    Unfortunately Nikon discontinued this lens in 1997 which has caused this lens to reach an astronomical second hand price of usually $10000 USD. In general the Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 is equally sharp at apertures from f/1.2 - f/4 the downside of the 50mm f/1.2 is that it has more light falloff .
    The Noct-Nikkor does hot-spot on IR, small traces can be seen @ f/8, not really a problem un till f/11 tough.
    Whether or not this lens is worth it's money to you, really depends on the shooting you do. If you are addicted to night-time shooting and you need the best corner performance available wide open in a "normal" lens, the Noct-Nikkor is the lens for you. On the other hand if all you want is a fast lens to use in available light shooting, or using a tri-pod for night shooting, I'd go with the Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AI-S instead.

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